Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Made This Dewali Eco-friendly and Peaceful.........

Dear Friends,

Dewali or Depaavali is the greatest, brightest and most popular Hindu festival celebrated every year in autumn. We all celebrate this festival for joy, happiness and prosperity. This festival starts with cleaning, renovation and paints of home and end with lighting of Diyas (Lamps and Candles) and pooja of Laxmi ji (Goddess of Wealth), distribution of sweets, gifts and receiving the blessing from elders and parents for the same. But from the last two decades one very bad thing has become a part of our Dewali i.e. crackers. From the last two decades we start our dewali with burning of crackers which are poison for our life and life of our next generation. We all know very well that how much crackers are not only affecting our life but also the health of our nature where we take breath.

We not only hear or read the bad effects of crackers in media and news-papers but sometimes we also see in front of our eyes. But this is our tendency we don’t feel any bad effect till we didn’t realize it in our life or with our loved ones. On the next morning of Dewali, we read news of ill effects of crackers like lost of so many lives and burning of so many peoples and children because of ill handling. Still we are unaware because this all was not happened with us or our loved one. Few people say if these are not for burning then why these are in the market. Burning of crackers is just like to strengthen the darkness in our lives by increasing pollution, troubling the life of others like making them deaf or burning sensation for life time. So this Dewali we all should do something for making this dewali eco-friendly. If we are unable to avoid the crackers because of wish of our child then we can reduce the time and amount or burning. This will also help a lot. We all can understand good or bad for us. So please don’t burn the crackers on the auspicious festival. Try to remove the Ravan sitting in our hearts in the form of hate, cheating, racism, alcoholism, domestic violence and spread love and peace in your minds. Try to understand each other and their conditions and make life happy...............
“Dear All With this hope you will do something in this regard Wishing you all a very Happy and prosperous Dewali....”       

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