Tuesday, 2 June 2015

DNA with two new nucleotides.......

The DNA with two new nucleotides will create the possibilities for entirely new proteins for medicinal uses.....

DNA with two nucletides (Z-P Pairing)
The DNA which encodes the all form of life on Earth is made up of four building block elements known as nucleotides or letters. When these letters line up in pairs and twisted make the double helix structure of DNA. But recently two groups of scientists have reported that two new nucleotides can be added which will do the same thing. Synthetic biologists were trying for years to expand the natural DNA alphabets with two new nucleotides named as “Z" (6-amino-5-nitro-2(1H)-pyridone) and "P" (2-amino-imidazo [1, 2-a]-1, 3, 5-triazin-4(8H) one). Pairing of both the nucleotides became successful but was not so worthy. Thus finally Millie M. Georgiadis, Steven A. Benner and colleagues from Indiana and Florida tried new nucleotide with natural letters “A” “T” “G” “C”, and it was found that Z-P pairing can form a double helix similar to C-G and A-T pairs. Flexibility and rigidity of newly formed helix was also same as natural helix. Thus with new discovery a six letters GACTZP DNA can evolve, which will lead to the development of structure with new properties will be helpful in useful protein identification.

@ studies appear in ACS' Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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